Frequently Asked Questions

Let's answer some questions that come up a lot at first glance...

Which chains are supported by BracketX?

Bracket, Channel, and Epoch are currently on Arbitrum mainnet

How does Bracket differ from Channel on BracketX

Bracket exposes the buyer to a claimable range that the spot price must move within to receive a payoff multiple. This strategy is useful if you think there will be a significant move up or down of an asset’s price (high volatility). Bracket will start out-of-the money at initial purchase. In contrast, a Channel buyer must stay within a fixed price range for a period of time in order to achieve a payoff multiple. Channels are ideal for low volatility periods and will start accruing value immediately after initial purchase

Do I have to claim manually

Brackets have preset terms (e.g. 15 days) but each term begins at time of purchase, there is no common expiry. As such, claims can be made at any time within the term but you can simply wait until the end of the term and if in-the-money, BracketX will auto-claim for you. The payouts will be in USDC. All claims must be made by the wallet that has the NFT associated with the bracket. Channel and Epoch products have auto-expiration when the channel first breaks out of the range or terminates at the end of the term. As such, there is no manual claim for those two products

Who can use BracketX?

Unfortunately, BracketX is not available in all regions. Please visit our Terms of Services to see if it is available in your country

How can I become a funder?

To be a funder, you only need to provide USDC that can be used to collateralize brackets and channels and make offers. See our docs for more information